Timestamp8/22/14 10:58
Date Searched25-Dec-10
StateCA - California
CountySan Bernadino
CitySan Bernadino
Victim NameEphraim Williams
Victim's Age24
Victim's GenderMale
Hispanic or Latino OriginUnknown
Shots Fired3
Hit or Killed?Killed
Armed or Unarmed?Armed
SummaryLoera answered a call that a man with a gun had been spotted in the streets. Williams matched the description so Loera began pursuing him. Williams ran from Loera and kept reaching for his waistband in a way that made Loera believe he had a gun, Loera shoot Williams three times. When Williams finally fell to the ground, search of his body revealed that he did have a gun in his pants but it had fallen from the waistband and into his crotch
Source Linkhttp://www.sbcountyda.org/Portals/8/PressReleases/2013/(11-12)%20FATAL%20OIS%20REPORT%20-%20WILLIAMS.pdf
Name of Officer or OfficersJose Loera
Was the Shooting Justified?4
County StateSan Bernadino CA - California