Timestamp8/21/14 0:27
Date Searched25-Dec-13
StateIA - Iowa
CountyBlack Hawk
CityCedar Falls
Victim NameZach Church
Victim's Age27
Victim's GenderMale
Hispanic or Latino OriginNot of Hispanic or Latino origin
Shots Fired2
Hit or Killed?Hit
Armed or Unarmed?Unarmed
SummaryThe shooting happened near Second Street and Hudson Road in Cedar Falls around 3 a.m. Wednesday. Police Chief Jeff Olson says 27-year-old Zachary Church was sleeping in a parked car near the intersection, and the car was still running. Police say an altercation happened after the investigating officer got Church out of the car, and discovered marijuana. According to Chief Olson, Officer Bob Anderson was putting Church in his patrol car when Church fought back, hitting Anderson over the head. Olson says during the altercation, both Anderson and Church were at one point on the ground. Anderson fired his weapon twice, hitting Church. Olson says other officers were arriving to the scene at the time the shots were fired. Both were taken to the hospital. Police said Anderson was released after treatment of facial and head injuries, while Church remains in the hospital in stable condition. Charges against Church are pending his release from medical treatment. Officer Anderson was wearing a body camera when the incident happened, but he failed to have it on during this incident.
Source Linkhttp://www.wrex.com/story/24300453/2013/12/25/officer-involved-shooting-in-cedar-falls-sends-two-to-hospital
Name of Officer or OfficersBob Anderson
County StateBlack Hawk IA - Iowa
City StateCedar Falls IA - Iowa