Timestamp8/20/14 19:12
Date Searched27-Dec-11
StateAR - Arkansas
CityLittle Rock
Agency NameLittle Rock Police Department
Victim NameKeithen D. Pettus
Victim's Age48
Victim's GenderMale
RaceBlack or African American
Hispanic or Latino OriginUnknown
Hit or Killed?Hit
Armed or Unarmed?Unarmed
Summaryhttp://Officer Johannes responded to a call from 2 mall security guards that a mother was complaining a car with 3 black men in it was "harassing" her 17-year-old daughter by asking her to get in the car. (Cops later "confirmed" this "wasn't a kidnapping attempt" snort). The mall cops called the real cops. When they showed up the car attempted to back away and the officer told it to stop and then fired multiple times, gravely wounding driver Joseph Williams, 29, in the torso, and hitting passenger Keithen Pettis, 30, in the face. A third passenger, Johnnie Campbell, was injured but refused treatment. The men tried to flea but were arrested. http://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2011/dec/27/shooting-reported-park-plaza-mall/ http://www.fox16.com/news/story/Update-Police-say-two-people-shot-at-Park-Plaza/d/story/txSenoWXOEC4tHZcsyIJPg http://www.arktimes.com/ArkansasBlog/archives/2011/12/28/are-little-rock-police-accountable http://www.katv.com/story/16407930/park-plaza-shooting-update-sister-wants-answers
Source Linkhttp://www.arktimes.com/images/blogimages/2011/12/29/1325168019-detectivesummary.pdf
Name of Officer or OfficersOfficer Christopher Johannes
County State AR - Arkansas
City StateLittle Rock AR - Arkansas