Timestamp8/20/14 13:45
Date Searched25-Nov-11
StateIL - Illinois
Agency NameChicago Police
Victim NameDevon Ross
Victim's Age27
Victim's GenderMale
Hispanic or Latino OriginUnknown
Shots Fired1
Hit or Killed?Killed
Armed or Unarmed?Unarmed
WeaponFirearm; not stated
SummaryA Chicago police officer shot and killed a man she had been chasing after he jumped her in an alley, punched her and tried to grab her gun Thursday morning in the Englewood neighborhood, officials said. The chase began about 2 a.m. when the officer and her partner tried to stop a car with four men inside, police said. The driver took off with the officers in pursuit, said Pat Camden, a police spokesman. The car slammed into a garage in the 7400 block of South Emerald Avenue, and the men jumped out and ran, Camden said. An officer followed one of the men into a dark gangway, where the man jumped out, punched her in the face and grabbed for her gun, Camden said. As the two struggled, the officer began to feel faint. Fearing she would lose her grip on her gun, the officer shot the man, Camden said. "Any cop in fear of losing their weapon would be in fear of their life," he said. Devon Ross, 27, of the 500 block of East 60th Street, was pronounced dead at the scene, said the Cook County medical examiner's office.
Source Linkhttp://articles.chicagotribune.com/2011-11-25/news/ct-met-chicago-police-shooting-20111125_1_chicago-cop-officer-shot-second-police-involved-shooting
County StateCook IL - Illinois
City StateChicago IL - Illinois