Timestamp8/27/14 22:32
Date Searched23-Jan-12
StateCA - California
CountyLos Angeles
CityMonterey Park
Victim NameSteven Rodriguez
Victim's Age22
Victim's GenderMale
Hispanic or Latino OriginHispanic or Latino origin
Shots Fired10
Hit or Killed?Killed
Armed or Unarmed?Armed
WeaponBlunt object (clubs, hammers, etc.)
Summaryhttp://hit 7 times. he bashed in the windows of a Carl's Jr. with a heavy metal pipe; when approached by officers, he was tased, swung at one and was then shot repeatedly. (video of this and the shooting on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bY5ioBvrYIg) Two bystanders were hit by stray police bullets. City paid $875K settlement to family) Student at East Los Angeles College
Source Linkhttp://www.pasadenastarnews.com/general-news/20140304/monterey-park-paid-875000-for-an-officer-involved-shooting-case
Name of Officer or OfficersMonterey Park Officer Everado Romo and Agent Peter Palomino
Was the Shooting Justified?2
Date of Incident1/23/12
Results Page Number1
County StateLos Angeles CA - California