Timestamp8/26/14 20:12
Date Searched19-Feb-13
StateNV - Nevada
Victim NameDavid Krambs
Victim's GenderMale
Hispanic or Latino OriginUnknown
Shots Fired4
Hit or Killed?Killed
Armed or Unarmed?Armed
Summaryhttp://Summary of investigators' report: "One of them occurred on Feb. 23 on the 1400 block of Elizabeth Avenue near Idlewild Park. David Krambs, who investigators say was allegedly suicidal and beating his girlfriend before officers arrived on a disturbance call, pointed an AR-15 rifle with a live round in the chamber at police and was shot four times, a Sparks police investigation said." http://blogs.rgj.com/askthergj/2013/09/12/is-law-en forcement-ignoring-an-officer-involved-shooting-in-south-reno/ (Suspect name not given in Wikipedia entry, but same incident as that reported under link above)
Source Linkhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_killings_by_law_enforcement_officers_in_the_United_States,_February_2013#cite_ref-8
Was the Shooting Justified?5
Date of Incident2/23/13
Results Page Number1
County State NV - Nevada