Timestamp8/26/14 9:46
Date Searched3-Jul-11
StateCA - California
CountySan Francisco
CitySan Francisco
Victim NameCharles Hill
Victim's Age45
Victim's GenderMale
Hispanic or Latino OriginNot of Hispanic or Latino origin
Shots Fired3
Hit or Killed?Killed
Armed or Unarmed?Armed
WeaponKnife or cutting instrument
Summaryhttp://Charles Hill, was at a BART station, reportedly carrying an open bottle of alcohol and a knife and acting erratically. He was approached by two officers, allegedly threw the bottle and a knife at them and was subsequently shot three times. The event was partially caught on a security camera tape which BART released to the public. Eyewitness testimony: http://colorlines.com/archives/2011/07/witness_account_of_bart_police_shooting_prompts_more_questions.html
Source Linkhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GUUTg4hL64XcRJi-eb_NbWy4KvpaezbbLBP0G7p-5dI/edit#gid=0
Name of Officer or OfficersJames Crowell
Was the Shooting Justified?1
Date of Incident7/3/11
Results Page Number1
County StateSan Francisco CA - California